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Welcome to Nafplio, the capital of the regional unit of Argolida (aka the Argolid) in the Peloponnese, Greece.

This is a truly unique town in a region whose history goes back to the Neolithic Era. A town where a castle built in the early 18th century AD is merely a... recent monument.

The marks of almost three and a half millennia of power games and military activity combined with the unparalleled natural beauty of the Peloponnese have turned it into a thriving hub of tourist activity for well over half a century.

Bourtzi Fortress, Nafplio
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What Brings You In Nafplio?

Every year, there are thousands of tourists from around the world who pick this top travel destination in Greece for several reasons:

  • The region's unique blend of ancient, medieval and modern history  
  • The unique romantic ambience of the old town
  • The delicious Greek cuisine and wine
  • A relaxing family beach vacation

Some only get to spent a few hours in town as part of their luxury Mediterranean cruise.

Whatever it is that has made you pick Nafplio as your holiday destination, TIGTN.com can do wonders for your trip to Greece.

The Contents of TIGTN.Com

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Arvanitia Promenade

999 Steps to Palamidi Castle

Boat Taxi to Bourtzi

Boutique Pensions

Greek Restaurants

Ancient Archaeological Sites

Historical Sites

Beaches in Town

Open-Top Tour Bus

Beaches Near Town

Trail from Arvanitia to Karathona

Italian Restaurants

About the Title

TIGTN is the acronym for The Insider's Guide To Nafplio a title that accurately reflects the essence of what this online travel guide is all about.

What's So Special About TIGTN.Com?

Want to know more about who we are?

TIGTN.com is a family project. We actually live here. And we do so by choice. If you want to know more about who we are, please click here to read the about us section.

This is certainly not the only travel guide you'll find on this part of the Peloponnese. What is it then that makes it unique for planning your vacation?

To begin with, TIGTN.com is far from a typical business venture. It is not a directory of local businesses in the tourist sector. Rather, it is a collection of valuable travel tips that will enable you to make the most of your vacation here. It is the sort of information we would pass on to family members or friends coming to town for a day trip from Athens or a short holiday. We would hate to disappoint you by proposing any places or activities that would fail to meet your expectations, just like we would hate to disappoint any of our dear relatives or friends.

Moreover, although we are anything but experts in the travel business, we love this town. In fact, we love it so much that we decided to move here permanently in 2009. Over the last few years, we've literally walked every street and photographed every corner of this amazing small town.

When it comes to travel advice, there can be no better source than a local resident. The Insider's Guide to Nafplio can be this source of valuable information for you.

Every now and then, we get stopped on the street by someone asking for directions to Mycenae (Mikines) or Epidaurus (Epidavros) or seeking advice for a good place to eat or have a coffee at. It's always a pleasure to be able to point them to the right place.

TIGTN is our way of sharing our experience with all of you. Why look for us on the street when you can always reach us online?

Picking Nafplio for your vacation was a great choice. Pair your excellent choice with the right travel guide. Make the right choices as regards accommodation, dining, visits to local attractions and so on right from the start. Save yourselves the frustration of trial and error and spend every precious moment enjoying the best the region has to offer rather than looking for it or regretting not having found it sooner.

Are you ready?

Little girls jumping into the water in Nafplio Yacht Club, Greece

Dive into the pages of TIGTN.com and embark on a vivid tour of Nafplio, the capital of Argolida in the Peloponnese, the ideal destination for your vacation in Greece.

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